I am a qualified Chartered Accountant and MBA.  After years in Consultancy, Business Planning and training joined Mobile Doctors Limited in 1998 first in a role as Operations Director and then Medical Services Director. Moved to Qualitas as one of the founder Directors and retired in April 2017.
I am honoured to have been selected as the inaugural chairman of the Confederation of Medical Agencies. I have felt for a long time that there was a complete lack of organised representation for all Medico Legal agencies.
I entered the Medico-Legal Sector in 2000 when I helped setup PDL Medical. This was sold to Medicals Direct Group (April 2003) where I worked till November 2005. In 2006, Medical Services Solutions (MSS) was started with the intention of being able to offer all services that a large company offers, but with the personal service and knowledge of a small company. MSS deals in all medicals from simple to complex and can offer rehabilitation including  operations . The company also specialises in doing International work as well.
I am currently director of Vertex Medical Solutions, a Tier 2 MRO. In recent times, I successfully accomplished my MBA degree and currently pursuing my PhD in business administration.  I bear a long-time experience of providing professional services in the field of medical reporting organization.
I have been involved in the Medico-Legal market place for 20 years, as an examiner, MRO owner, and software provider. I’m a past chairman of AMRO. I’m currently a director of Citimedical, a Tier 2 MRO and also one of the authors of the Nephex MRO and Nephex Medical systems used by a large number of MROs and over 200 medical experts. I’m a passionate believer that Medical Reporting should be driven by quality and service and not the payment of “Deep Financial Incentives” as set out by the MOJ as the key underlying reason for instigating the MedCo randomisation process.

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