Confederation of Medical Agencies Constitution

1. The name of the Federation shall be the “Confederation of Medical Agencies” (referred to in this constitution as “the CMA). It shall be an unincorporated trade association.
2. The CMA was established on 01st January 2017.
3. The CMA has the following mission statement:
“The CMA provides a central representative body to put the views of Medical Reporting Organisations (MROs) to the appropriate Government departments, MEDCO, agencies, and other relevant organisations.

4. The CMA shall have the following objectives:
To represent the views of CMA members at Industry events, government meetings, Medco and with other industry stakeholders.
To be a research and statistical centre, to aggregate and publish statistics, and to provide analysis on MROs and other relevant market information.
To be a technical centre providing commentary, guidance, training and advice on all legal and other regulatory developments of relevance to MROS.
To provide a forum for the exchange of non-competitive information.
To promote CMA member organisations.

5. Application for full membership of the CMA is available to any Medical Reporting Organisation who is not a member of another Medico Legal trade association.
Application for full membership of the CMA is available to any Medical Expert holding either a valid GMC or HCPC registration.
Application for affiliate membership of the CMA is available to Solicitors, Insurers and suppliers to the industry.
Admission to either full or affiliate membership is at the sole discretion of the Executive Committee and their decision is final.

6. The Executive Committee shall, at its discretion, admit as an affiliate of the CMA any organisation that is a firm of solicitors, an Insurer or a supplier to the industry.
Affiliates shall be entitled to receive most publications and other literature
prepared under the auspices of the CMA, and otherwise be entitled to participate in the affairs of the CMA as decided by the Executive Committee.

Finance of the CMA
7. The financial year of the CMA shall be the calendar year but this may be changed by resolution of the Executive Committee.
8. The membership fees shall be set by the Executive Committee on an annual basis.
9. Members and affiliates shall pay an annual subscription fixed by the Executive Committee of the CMA.
10. The CMA shall hold an annual general meeting not later than four months after the end of each financial year. At least 10 members of the CMA, or the Executive Committee, may at any time require the Secretary to convene a general meeting of the CMA. In convening such a meeting the Secretary shall give not less than 21 days’ notice to members.

Executive Committee
The affairs of the CMA shall be directed by an Executive Committee comprising:
11. At least two Representatives of the six founding companies in membership.
No more than two members whose company posts EBITDA in excess of
The Executive Committee may make bye-laws governing the conduct of
elections including provision to phase retirements.
If the Executive committee deems it necessary it may co-opt no more than three members co-opted to the Executive Committee.
A member of the Executive Committee shall cease to be a member if he/she resigns from, or if he/she ceases to hold office in, the institution in which he/she has hitherto held office.

Each member of the Executive Committee shall have one vote. The Chairman shall have a second, or casting, vote in the event of equality.

Chair and Deputy Chair
12. The Executive Committee shall, at its first meeting in each financial year, elect a Chairperson to hold office until the first meeting in the following financial year. The Executive Committee shall also elect a Deputy Chair. No person may hold the office of Chair, or of Deputy Chair, for more than two consecutive years. In the event of the Chair or the Deputy Chair resigning or ceasing to be a member of the Executive Committee, the Committee shall have the power to elect a
replacement to serve for the remainder of the term, this period of office not counting for the purpose of the requirement in the previous sentence.

13. The Federation shall publish an annual report on its activities and a list of subscribing members. Both these documents will be published on the Federation’s website with the membership list being always up to date.

Committees and Panels
14. The Executive Committee may establish and maintain sub-committees and project groups, and may delegate matters to them.
15. The Executive Committee may appoint a technical panel to advise and assist it.
16. The Executive Committee may appoint a medical panel to advise and assist it.
17. The Executive Committee may appoint a legal panel to advise and assist it.

Confederation Secretary
18. The Executive Committee shall appoint a Secretary who shall be responsible to it for the management of the Federation and a policy adviser to the Executive Committee.

19. The Executive Committee may delegate any of their powers.

Revision of the Constitution
20. This constitution shall be amended by the CMA, provided that at least 75% of the members of the CMA present at the meeting vote in favour of amendments of which prior notice has been given.

Transitional arrangements
21. The following transitional arrangements shall apply:

I. The Chairman shall be Mr Ben Elsom of Medical Reports Limited.
II. The Deputy Chairman shall be Dr David Pearce of Citymedical Limited.
III. The Secretary shall be Mr Paul Collin.
IV. The four executives shall be:
a. Mr Alexander Landau of Chartwell Medical Ltd
b. Mr Ben Gardener Anything Legal Ltd
c. Mr Kristian Blackburn of QMLS
d. TBA

22. The initial membership fee shall be £1.00 for members and £250.00 for affiliates.